With our sleeves stained red, and our hearts tied in knots, we have our fate to look forward to.
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 Linger Falls . Story

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PostSubject: Linger Falls . Story    Wed Jun 05, 2013 6:14 am

Frosty snow stained crimson with blood surrounded her small, fragile body.
She lay there still and silent; packed tightly into the snow like a puzzle piece. Leaves had fallen from their branches and laid to rest around the girl. I stood there, shaking the fallen snow off of me where it had landed and refused to melt. I listened closely, to her struggled breathing; to the slowing heartbeat within her chest. My instincts were screaming at me to turn and run to the shadows of the dense forest; but something about her held me there, as if I were frozen with the season. Wide, icy blue eyes, stared back at me, unafraid. I could tell she was grasping tightly to the thin thread which was the remainder of her human life. I lowered my eyes, to show that I was of no threat as I approached her; every inch of my body shifting with the (wind/breeze). Cold air bit at my bare skin like needles, four prints turned to two. I felt this sort of magnetism towards the girl that lay dying before me. An overpowering attraction that I couldn't quite understand nor explain. As I began to close the distance between us, it was as if the earth held still. I listened again to her scattered heartbeat, faster now than before. Her breath created small opaque clouds that hung in the air above her. As I bent down and lifted the girl out of the snow, she wrapped her weak arms around my neck. I carried her deep into the woods in search of somewhere warm, somewhere safe. The cabin. With every step I took my ears rang at the sound of my feet breaking through the thin layer of ice that had formed over the snow, like walking on glass.

    In the dead center of the woods stood a large log cabin. The light beside the door on the front porch was always left on in case of situations like this one. Inside lived 7 others, my family, my pack. This cabin was where I was raised, and where I spent my life learning about who and what I was. The place in which I spent weeks at a time chained up in the basement in order to gain control of the shifts and cope with the pain that came with them. And most of all, it was where I learned to hunt and feed on animals so that I could control the urge for human blood, and the urge to kill.


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PostSubject: Re: Linger Falls . Story    Tue Nov 18, 2014 8:00 am

I wasn't quite aware of what was happening all around me. I couldn't quite remember what had happened. I just remember the bites ripping away at my skin. I remember crawling until I crumpled into a heap in the frosted leaves. I mustered up enough strength to roll myself over. However, I couldn't find the strength to look down at what that wild animal had done to me.The pain that was shooting throughout my body had subsided; it was now a dull roar aching throughout my body. The cold snow that was packed around me seemed to have lost its temperature; it was just there surrounding me. That gave me a little bit of comfort as I felt myself slipping away.

My eyes were fixed on the sky above me. I waited for the inevitable death that lay out before me. The dark brown oak branches made cracks in the brightness above me and I felt no fear. I wondered if I would fade into darkness or just be stuck here, staring at the cracks in the sky for eternity.

Then there was a sudden shift in the air. I was frozen in place, but I know there was someone there. The fear washed back in taking over my body, and forcing out the pain that had recently made a home in my bones. I could feel my face contort into an expression of terror. The steps came closer, and I stared into the sky above me. Waiting and praying that whoever it was would just make it quick.

Instead of a deafening to the head, or another tearing bite there was nothing. A young boy came into my line of sight. He couldn't have been over eighteen years old. I watched as a look of wonder flashed through his evergreen eyes. He hovered over me while his breath made clouds in between us. I don’t think he was processing the fact that I was dying. It seemed like he was just stuck, frozen in time.
Suddenly; he broke the space between us and cradled me into his arms.

The first thing I felt was how warm he was and then pain. It was excruciating. I couldn’t focus on the extremely attractive guy that was carrying me. The was pain shooting throughout my body. It only throbbed more with each step. I tried to focus on the slope of the stranger’s shoulders, and the warmth most of all. The heat that seemed to keep me pulled in where it’s safe.

The farther we went the more he shivered, but it seemed like the warmth of his body stayed the same. By the time we got to a set of wooden stairs he was practically convulsing. The way he was shaking, made it hurt even worse. I wasn’t complaining, I was still alive a bit longer.
I heard a door swing open, but I couldn’t find the strength to turn and look.

I was fading into darkness, the warmth was getting harder to find. The stranger put me on the ground near in what must have been a cabin. Yet again, my eyes were fixed straight ahead. The injuries were keeping me in an iron brace. I felt him fall to the ground near me, and just barely heard a cry of pain.

The silence that followed was terrifying; I let my eyes fall shut. I pictured him finding me in the woods, knowing he was the last person I would ever see. I was glad; something about those emerald eyes calmed me. The gold flecks reminded me of the warmth he had given me just minutes before. I was still looking in those kind eyes when the darkness came to take me.
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Linger Falls . Story
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