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 Character Descriptions

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PostSubject: Character Descriptions   Mon Nov 17, 2014 1:04 am

Ryder Thompson
17 years old, Senior in high school
Birthday: 08/16/97

Changed: Ryder became a wolf at a young age when a wolf named Naomi killed both of his parents and left him orphaned. His parents had found out about the wolves of Linger Falls and attempted killing Naomi and failed but then succeeded in killing a wolf from her pack. Ryder was hiding in the woods, a newly developed fear of wolves running through him. He hid out in the woods for weeks and tried surviving on his own but he was too young. Clark came to him, when he was near death of starvation, and changed him. He was raised by Clark who he now considers his father. The wolf pack is his family now although Ryder and Naomi haven't quite come to terms.

Family Life: Never really had a family life.
Mom: Akyra               Dad: Kayne
Sister: Raeyah
Ryder lives in the cabin in the middle of the woods with Clark, Naomi, and the other pack members.

Height: 6'4''
Build: Strong, broadly built, athletic, muscular.
Eyes: Smoky Green with Blue and Gold.
Hair: Wavy, dark brown hair
Skin: Caramel / Tan.
Ryder thinks he is only average but he is above average in physical characteristics. He has short dark brown hair and Greenish-Blue eyes with Gold snaking through them. He has a great sense of humor and is extremely charming.

Ryder doesn't know but his mother Akyra, survived Naomi's attack and was actually changed to a wolf. She couldn't save Ryder because she was in the process of shifting back and forth and learning the wolf-ways. She watched over Ryder and did the best she could to keep him alive until Clark finally saved, and changed him. She vowed that after 'failing' to save her son, she didn't deserve to ever see him again. Every so often she visits Linger-Falls just to check on him. His long lost sister (Raeyah), who he has no idea exists is also a member of that same pack. His father, is truly deceased after Naomi's attack.

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PostSubject: Kenna   Tue Nov 18, 2014 6:06 am

Kenna Joplin

17 years old, Senior in high school
Birthday: 04/28/97

Changed: Kenna was attacked by wolves and almost mauled to death. She was saved by a wolf named Ryder. She was brought to a cabin, while barely hanging onto life. Unexpectedly, she pulls through thanks to Ryder and Gage.

Family Life: Typical American family
Mom: Lisa                 Dad: Eric
She lives in a red house with huge windows just past the lake, in the woods.

Height: 5'5
Build: Athletic, muscular in a feminine way.
Eyes: Ice Blue
Hair: Wavy, dark brown hair
Skin: Creamy White, with a bit of a tan.
Kenna is above average in beauty. Her eyes and hair are what set her apart. Along with her kind inviting smile.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Descriptions   Wed Mar 25, 2015 11:50 pm

Amaia Grace
17 years old, Senior in high school
Birthday: 08/23/97

Changed: Amaia has always been a wolf from birth she had lived with her family as a pack out in a wood north of linger falls but when hunters come and wipe out her entire pack and she manages to escape she runs and finds herself in linger-falls where Naomi attacks her (to defend her pack) and Ryder jumps in a saves her right before Naomi kills her. She is welcomed to the pack by Clarks admission.

Family Life: Whole family is wolves.
Mom: Shasta Dad: Luka
Sister: Myra Brother: Caine
Amaia lived in a wood north of linger falls (amethyst hills) but was forced to flee by hunters who killed her family and she now lives in the cabin in the middle of the woods of linger-falls with the pack leaders Clark and Naomi, and the other pack members.

Height: 5'6''
Build: soft, delicate build. strong, gentle.
Eyes: Honey brown, hazel with blue
Hair: Long, wavy, lighter brown hair
Skin: Cream, Tan.
Amaia knows she has beauty granted from the females in her family but thinks beauty on the inside is all that matters. She has long, wavy, light brown hair. Light hazel eyes the color of honey with flecks of ocean blue. She is a free-spirited girl with a unique view on the world. She comes across as a light to many, a peace maker.

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PostSubject: Re: Character Descriptions   

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Character Descriptions
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